Pepephone Improves Their Rates of Connection to Internet

Finally a MVNO with coverage Vodafone update their data rates to surf the internet in mobility and makes them more competitive than before if compared to other operators.

Así PepePhone It will keep the rate by default “Browse both as you talk about” 50 cents/MB although the contracts that consume more than 30, 50 or 100 euros per month, will continue to enjoy 30% discount (35 cents/MB), 50% (25 cent/MB) or 100% (maximum €100 free) respectively.

Therefore, the improvements will focus on the monthly contract bonds that they keep their price but improve conditions: continue to the bonus of 15 euros for 200 MB While the bonus of 25 euros will go to include 3GB traffic instead of 1 GB as so far.

In addition is lowers the price of the additional mega in both bonds if the contracted limit is exceeded from 9 cents/MB to 5 cents/MB additional.

Remember that most remarkable of these rates is that they can reach a speed of 7.2 Mbps and as never bound it (as if it occurs with most operators to exceed certain limit), the invoice can raise enough if we do not control well the consumption.