Pain in the Feet May Linked to Inappropriate Shoes

The foot is a complex structure that is formed by muscles, numerous bones, ligaments and joints. Composed of 26 bones is the solid and stable base for the body. The metatarsals are long, slender bones that are in the middle of the foot. Pain in this region characterize the Metatarsalgia, in the form of burning or twinge. Moreover, the patient can still present calluses where there is increased pressure.

According to the survey “Brazilian feet”, held in 2012 with more than 26000 people, the first metatarsal is the second place that people most feel pain. The study shows that 55% of respondents complain about this region. Women suffer more from this illness primarily due to the use of inappropriate footwear. 21.9% said to wear high-heeled shoes always or many times.

“Very high heels and shoes with the narrow front (thin beak) tighten this area in a minimal space, which hinders the floor and results in discomfort in the forefoot. This happens because there is a strong plantar pressure, “explains the physiotherapist, Alice Terçariol Correia. and reinforces that the practice of high-impact activities can also result in pathology.

According to the specialist, the most indicated treatment is the use of customized insoles and proper shoes. “The special insole for this disease aims to relieve the pressure of the metatarsals by redistributing the burden of the sore area and still fixing biomechanical disorders that lead to the pain complaint,”he says.

The disease can be detected through the tread test. “The evaluation is free and serves to do a thorough examination of the feet. With it it is possible to measure and analyze the maximum pressure points (points where we put more weight) on the feet of the use of a modern scanner and moving with the computerized Baropodômetro, “ends Alice.