OnePlus Offers Expanded Mobile Warranty

OnePlus introduces ‘On Guard ‘-an expanded insurance to your newly purchased OnePlus smartphone.

You are planning to buy a mobile which OnePlus OnePlus 2 or X, you can now insure your phone against damage using OnePlus’ On Guard’ insurance program.

Are you listening to them who toils hard on your phone, you can now select Add one or two-year mobile guarantee in cart in OnePlus e-store.
The insurance runs to 39.99 € (300 DKK) or € 64.99 (485 USD) for one or two years of coverage, respectively. The extended warranty covers the cell damage that splintered monitors, water damage and consequential damages from loss or vandalism. Theft is in temporary not covered by the warranty.

On Guard insurance taken out by mobile purchases, but have you bought a OnePlus phone in the past 15 days, you can still manage to apply for to buy On Guard warranty.

The service has been developed in cooperation with the insurance company Simpleissurance and the guarantee applies to the world.

Earn no money on the service

OnePlus asserts that the service is a service exclusively for the benefit of OnePlus’ customers. The company writes in a press release: we believe that this will provide a positive experience for our fans. We do not offer this service to tjenge money – quite the contrary. It is an investment that should make our user experience as close to perfect as possible.



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