OnePlus Maybe on the Road with a Smartwatch

If the rumor is telling the truth will be OneWatch a clock in the privileged materials with Wireless charging.

Almost all producers are now either in time or rumored to be started with a smartwatch at the present time, this leak with ancestries with BGR in India pointing in the direction of that also OnePlus is in the process of making a clock.

An anonymous source has sent a photo which apparently is taken directly from the OnePlus’ website and showing is smartwatch with their logo on. However, Evleaks recently been façade of a similar image of a tablet as OnePlus was supposed to be going on with, this turned out not to hold water. It is, therefore, not to say about this leak must take with a grain of salt or a truckload.

If it is correct, then working OnePlus these days on a round the clock in style with Moto 360 called OneWatch. It should be designed in the highly prestigious materials, an OLED display with sapphire-glass, metal frame and a leather strap. At the bottom is a battery which supports Qi Wireless charging.

Which operating system that might be found in agency known nothing about, but if they can realize a clock in this format with the same sharp pricing strategy as their OnePlus, so it should be interesting. So they should just push it foolish invitation system out to the right where it belongs.