Odin, LG Mobile Processors Would Have Eight and Four Cores

Sounds weird to the domain of Qualcomm, but it is a fact that major manufacturers of mobile prepares its own hardware, to be less dependent possible, and also to adapt it to their needs. In the list we have names such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and from months ago is has been rumored that LG is also in this.

The name that is known to its developments is Odin, and has been talking of them since the LG G2, which ultimately used the extended Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 was brewing. According to Korean sources, at the same time he has followed LG Odin development.

They tell us that there will be two versions, one with four core processor that will work to 2, 2 GHz, with an ARM Mali GPU T604, and a second with eight cores to which it is related with the ARM Mali GPU T760.

More entering the rumor mill, said that quad-core version would have fitted in the Smart TVs in the House, while the other would go to phones and tablets of high-end.

Two models are being tested now, and we do not know when LG officially presented them, but at least we’re warned. In regards to its manufacture, LG does not have facilities to bring them forward, and speaks of the Taiwan TSMC as a partner.