Nokia Lumia 930 Review-Beautiful Swan Song for Nokia’s Era [Test]

Microsoft is at the helm now, but Lumia 930 is still a compelling Nokia topmobil.

Lumia 930 is the first Nokia topmobil during Microsoft’s leadership. The very name can confuse for the phone’s official name is Nokia Lumia 930, but that is a Microsoft product. Director of Microsoft Devices in Norden Ossi Korpela confirms to our site that Microsoft will use the Nokia name year out, after which Microsoft-brand will adorn Lumia the phones in the future.

With confusing naming of the road, we can now dive into Microsoft’s new topmobil. With Lumia 930 in the portfolio, Microsoft will strike a big blow to Windows Phone, which so far has had a hard time finding a foothold in the more expensive end of the mobile spectrum.

Here are the major changes, Windows Phone 8.1 is mature, the innards are potent and Nokia’s mobile experience permeates ever Lumia-family. And so is the price one notch lower than its competitors.

A promising cocktail so-but can the mon go while enjoying ecstatic Lumia 930 to the top of sales charts?

Nordic vitaminkur

Both Nokia and Microsoft are colourful, and a Nokia 930, in intense colors orange and green, strutter of vitamin overload. In a world of dark grey plastic læskes you in the mood colors, and Microsoft master not to give way to the childlike. Seems to anyway, to 930 ‘ eren wagging inordinately with the colors, one can turn to the more consensus-seeking black or white variants.

Viewed from the front, on the other hand, there are no hints of color-fanfares. A meticulously carved alu-frame runs round the edge and along with the deep black front is quality impression in the House. Small slits on the right side leaves room for finely carved buttons for volume, power and camera triggers.

As soon as you grasp Lumia 930 is not in doubt. Lumia 930 am solid industrial design, who can get the Nordic design hearts to throb a little faster. A small Chin, however, is the emphasis, as with its 167 grams is in the heavy end. But it convinces a that Lumia 930 is better suited to knock nails into than the others.

Profile on Lumia 930 is atypical. Both rear and front abounds outwards in relation to aluminium edge.Resting the phone down so the display is in direct contact with the ground. One should therefore pay attention to what and how, one puts the phone from themselves. Fortunately, it hardened Gorilla glass 3, which protects the 5 inch large display.


The weight, the profile and the angular design makes that Nokia 930 seem larger than it really is, and it don’t really disappear in trouser pocket. Windows Phone 8.1, on the other hand, well thought out and one’s thumb Tufts must rarely walking the long road to the North during use. The screen is sensitive enough for the mitten-clad fingers can operate it.

Lumia 930 follows Nokia ClearBlack displays with their rich tradition of signature: the eminent contrast. Resolution of 1920 x 1080 is high, viewing angles are wide and colors are saturated, without exaggeration. Thus Park Nokia 930 in forefront among topmobilerne when it comes to both quality and sharpness. Not enough with it so that makes it possible to adjust the color intensity Nokia and correct colors according to taste.

At the rear you will find a lone speaker, which places the 930 in the growing crowd of loud, but not so well playing mobiles. The curved back makes that always delivers sound from 930 itself, even when it is resting on the table. Also here is user adaptation in priority and you can choose a sound profile that is tuned in to the same drum hinders preferences.

We must in turn leads long after a extensions to Nokia 930 – they are gone. One can not, therefore, extend the built-in 32 GB storage space, or switch out the battery when it is worn down. A nifty feature is, however, that, the SIM card is now hidden behind a small door, which does not require a dedicated tool to print the card out, a small nail makes it just as well.

Specifications Nokia Lumia 930

Goals: 137 x 71 x 9.8 mm, 167 grams
Screen: 5 “PureView Full HD display with Gorilla Glass 3, 441 PPI
Performance: Snap dragon 800, 2.2 GHz quad-core, Adreno 330, 2 GB RAM
Camera: 20 megapixels with optical image stabilization, 1/2.5 “sensor, f/2.4 Carl Zeiss Optics, dual flash and Full HD video with surround sound. 1, 2MP front camera
Storage: 32 GB + 7 GB of free Skydrive
Battery: 2420 mAh,
Software: Windows Phone 8.1,
Network: 2 g, 3 g, 4 g LTE, NFC, DLNA, Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS, Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac
Price: 3,995.0 €


Strutter of profits

Although Nokia 930 not Ferrari-red, there are more than well bundtræk in Nokia and Microsoft’s new eye.Bonnet cover over a firekernet Snap dragon 800 processor that twirls at 2.2 GHz with 2 GB RAM.

It is not very latest 801-platform as in the spring collection of Android mobiles, but it marks one not.Windows Phone 8.1 is just like their predecessors created from scratch to run easily and elegantly, even when performance is marginal. 930 ‘ eren has therefore ample profits. The innate apps like Explorer, Big and HERE Maps is lightning fast and lets never wait on it.

When it comes to heavy games that traditionally get iOS and Android mobiles to their knees, they are not very well represented in the Windows Store. Two of the our site usual test games, Real Racing 3 and X-COM: Enemy Unknown, is nowhere to be found on the Windows Store – we must therefore look a little longer after the major challenges to Lumia 930.

In the alternative, 3D racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne meetings Lumia 930 any resistance. It was warm, but never lost its steam. It will get in return the battery to suffer-for the combination of a large screen and powerful processor is gluttonous and can get it relatively small battery at 2420 mAh to go on hunger strike in four hours.

Nevertheless a capable phone at 930 Lumia long distances if they are moderate in its consumption. The smaller app-selection means that fewer applications is ticking in the background. Windows Phone reigns in addition, applications with hard hand, so no app gets to tea. Nokia 930 has otherwise a power save mode-but it does not need it. You can press one or two days of run time out of Lumia 930, so long as you do not challenge the battery with heavy games.

When it comes to link up in networks, Nokia obviously draws on their extensive experience and manages to get through the hole. Everything from 2 g to 4 g frequencies fast breaks through the below even marginal network conditions.

A mature laggard

Windows Phone is efternøleren in smartphone-country. With barely 4 years old is Windows Phone ever in the nursery, where Android at 6 years and iOS on 7, today would start in folkeren. Big Brothers have a few classes lead by Microsoft to catch up.

The first major step in this direction is Windows Phone 8. Spring update brings many improvements, which can lift Nokia 930 from outsider to outright challenge.

Most eye-catching is the notification Center, where it is possible to get tjep access to notifications. A roller curtain is pulled down from above and now can messages from apps be pushed aside or the whole strip can be cleared in a single blow. Here is also a quick-access to settings, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, airplane mode and rotationslås, which saves the user too many detours to the options menu.

Visually, the Windows Phone ever-successful pancake flat. Microsoft should be applauded for Metro-designed, for it turns out to be a future-proof design. Four years later, it seems ever-fresh and snappy. But now you get more, you as the user can customize.

The live tiles can now be arranged in multiple columns, and can be adjusted in several sizes. At the same time, you can now add background wallpapers as klinkerne will be glazing into. Windows Phone gets Windows!

These are the 3 usual home, back and search buttons, navigating with and it works. A chronic nuisance is, however, Microsoft’s insistence on drawing up lists. Settings, applications, contacts and more are cubits long lists which take eons to review. You can of course search instead, Yes, but you will never get the same overview, as icons.

The bundled software package based on goodies from both Nokia and Microsoft Office, HERE Maps, Internet Explorer, Skype and Nokia’s camera apps form the core.

Internet Explorer should be highlighted, because it is a potent alternative to Chrome and Safari. Here can be navigated quickly, if you get used to the search engine Bing. The keyboard is also updated and are both adept at predicting and choose the right word for a.

Pureview-camera is more than marketing

Nokia’s expertise on the camera front is almost unparalleled, with everything from the first to the best camera phones in the portfolio. Nokia 930 lives up to the family name and presents a camera 20 megapixels, optics from the specialists from Carl Zeiss and optical beetle destabilization.

Mobile camera can either firing up in either Microsoft or Nokia’s camera-Nokia is a little app. generally slightly richer in equipment list and provide prompt access to many advanced configuration options.

There has, in fact, for the more advanced photographers in Lumia 930. Images can be recorded in 20 megapixels, but the most ambitious can record in sharing friendly files at 5 megapixels, while saving a digital negative (DNG) that can be post-processed in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

And it is worth the effort.

Negatives can rescue underexposed images and hive tremendously many details out of the motif. Else is there light enough, you can, in all seriousness, print the photos out in poster format!

It will perhaps not over ash users of Nokia’s ambitious camera mobile Lumia 1020, but unlike cousin 1020 experience not wait times of several seconds when the images flipped. Focus takes place quickly and picture plus negative is stored in under a second.

When the lights dimmed, you are reminded that it is after all only a camera phone. Pictures are ever-sharp but somewhat anaemic, it squints for f/2.4 lens to pull enough with light and colors into. To achieve, however, ever-honest results that can easily compete with the field of topmobiler. Must be a shot to give off the double-bore light flash, light with the right color tone, to give a natural lighting.

Turns itself against the video portion is Nokia not hopped on the 4 k-bandwagon yet. Instead, invest that massively on the sound quality. Two HDR microphones spread out on the chassis forms a 3D soundscape that can add a 5.1 surround audio tracks to one’s home videos.

It is difficult to surmise the surround effect in the videos, but the high dynamics works like a dream concert recordings, or other noisy events. The films are very detailed but missing a shot of color and the last bite in order to compete with the very best. The optical stabilization is, however, a blessing which ensures secure guidance during the filming.

The usual lament

A review of a Windows Phone device would not be complete without the usual hand-wringing about the lack of apps. But Windows Store is no longer something supermarket from DDR times, for it is now over 400,000 apps strong. The competition from Google and Apple, however, has long since rounded million.

The problem is that the platform rarely get the latest apps at the same time as the Android and iOS, but they usually find your way sooner or later. Since the last top-Nokia, Lumia 925, was to is essential apps such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, VLC, Spotify, Wines and more to find. Some of the apps are, however, not nearly as feature rich, Instagram, for instance, ever-in beta.

Some applications make noise continuously with their absence. Who can opstøves alternatives, but often with reduced functionality. Dropbox, Gmail, YouTube, Flipboard and Pocket, there is advice for, but the alternatives are marked by being third-party-ersatz and gives DDR-associations.

Some Danish apps that only have our little duck pond as a potential market, bypassing unfortunately the platform completely. and Dsb mobile ticket app, for instance, not to find at Large even-3 years after the release. The responsibility rests of course with the developers, but Microsoft should launch a major charm offensive to get major developers into the fold. App-the absence can be forgiven in the budget units, but it is more difficult to defend when the objective is top of the POPs.

The best Windows phone ever

Microsoft and Nokia have underplayed in their approach to a topmobil. You’ll find no flashy marketing functions, or warm air in the Lumia 930. Everything from cameras to software is rock-solid experience translated into usability.

To what extent is your phone for a 930 Lumia, therefore depends on one’s profile. Are you app-junkie who chronically seeks out the latest app-fix or 3D games, it will just not be the phone for you. Is one more way holden and really just wants a good platform for Office, social services, pictures, chat and surf the Web is Nokia 930 hard to beat.

The daily rate is just south of 4000 crowns, a sharp price for a topmobil that combines successful hardware and software for a 12-number, or six stars. But we often go outside of Microsoft and Its ecosystem, often frustrating experience, and we will be dratter down to four stars.

Microsoft Nokia Lumia 930 get therefore 5 of 6 possible stars.