Nickel Earrings Can Cause Injury and Chronic Allergy

Problems arise due to untreated contact dermatitis.

A superfood toy from a small shop or jewelery shop looks harmless, but can be the cause of major injuries, and may even evolve into a chronic allergy. So you have to be very careful and careful about the signs to know if you can suffer from these problems.

“Some people are allergic to nickel, and as soon as they put on an earring via, they have their skin affected by contact dermatitis,” says dermatologist Dr. Savio Malafaia. This disease is an inflammation of the skin, caused by this direct contact with nickel and, in addition to redness, it can present itching and swelling.

The doctor’s indication is that once you notice any of these signs, stop wearing the earring-it can also happen with other accessories such as necklaces and bracelets.”It is no use waiting for the symptom to pass and then to use again because this allergy is progressive, until it installs and becomes chronic,” he advises, when indicating materials such as silver or gold, possibly without irritation.

Therefore, if the lesions do not add up with the suspension of the use, it may be that the allergy has already evolved and if it continues without care of a specialist, it can cause serious injuries that will not bear any kind of earring. In these cases, it is necessary to seek a dermatologist right at the beginning of the manifestation. It may indicate treatments with corticoid-based creams or, in a more serious situation, capsule medicine.