Newline Coldtack 37 Jacket

Gadget editor Victor Earley has tested Newline’s Coldtackjacka for some time. Here you can read and see what he thought.

Name: Iconic Coldtack 37 Shirt
Men’s Sizes: S-XXL
Women’s Sizes: S-XL
Price: 950 SEK

Other: Tight fit, 100% Polyester Coldtack

Newline, I thought was a bit of a B-brand before. Have not really known it to radiate neither quality or function. Simply just been stuff in the crowd. But this season, they have lifted themselves significantly and has launched a jacket that I tested for a period of time. The development is on track to become a big brand again and compete with the Craft that I think is their biggest competitor.


The key features are the high breathability and svettransport but at the same time, the warm up when it is cold and chill you when it’s hot. I think it works great, has tried the jacket in both-18 and some plus degrees without the jacket feels too hot or cold. Of course I have had underwear during those times it’s been really cold but it has certainly worked well as an all-round microfibre jacket. But something Newline has forgotten is that sew there pockets-not a single pocket on the entire jacket, not acceptable! When I would have with my mp3 player so I had to improvise by having the player in your hand while I pulled the cord through the sleeve in order to avoid having the slängandes in front of me. It was a solution, albeit a last resort solution-But it worked.

The fit is very good. It’s a little tighter model to sit for a bit which works on most people because it has a regular Flex zone which also helps to keep breathing and svettransporten on top. Experienced a bit of reflexflikarna that go up to the neck could chafe at first, but I have not noticed that it disrupted sometime when I have been out running-worth noting though. would recommend this jacket to anyone who wants a jacket that you can wear all year round, except in the hottest summer months when we still do not have the jacket. If you have a lot of gadgets with you along the way so I would look for a different jacket.


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Good ability to heat when it is cold. Cool when it is hot.


Not good for transporting things. Lack pockets.