Moto G2 May Soon Be on the Street

Motorola’s Moto G2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Moto G, may soon be in stores.

There may soon be good news for Motorola-fans who have hungered for a replacement for the popular Moto G, who also got an excellent review here at our site. Moto G2 may be on the shelves until September.

The American media our site writes that they have heard from dealers that they will be able to sell the phone from the 10. September, so in less than a month.

If the date holds, then it could well add up to that phone will be presented by Motorola to the IFA in Berlin at the beginning of September.

It is obviously the U.S. purchase date, and therefore may well go a bit longer before it hits Danish stores.

We have also in the past been able to unveil Moto G2s specifications, and although they of course cannot fight directly with Giants flag ships, then showed that experience still G, Moto can be top notch, and the price can be maintained at a more than reasonable level.