Microsoft Gets Enough of Abuse: Loops Free OneDrive-Inventory

Microsoft pulls in the country: now you will no longer get infinite storage space with your Office subscription.

For roughly a year ago came Microsoft with a generous offer for Office users: drawn you a subscription to Office 365 receipted company with infinite much storage space in their OneDrive cloud storage.

Now change the Microsoft on the offer by setting an upper limit for how much you need to keep in Onedrive-cloud. Now you can upload a maximum of 1 TB of data to the service.

At the same time, the company announces that the smaller separate cloud solutions at 100 GB cast aside in favor of a smaller package of 50 GB for the same price of 14 euros per month, while 200 GB package completely deleted. Microsoft lowers at the free package from 15 GB to 5 GB. It writes the company on their OneDrive blog.

Exceeding your data Microsoft’s new data CAP, will your data however does not disappear from one day to the other. Your data will be stored for a year until the new limits come into force.

Tired of abuse

Microsoft’s generous offer, it is because according to the Verge, that too many users abusing the company’s offer to transfer huge film collections, store multiple backups of entire Pcs, as well as hours and hours of video footage.

With the new pricing structure is losing one of its best OneDrive advantages over competing services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Apple’s iCloud-services that typically require a higher price per gigabyte into the cloud.