MBA Web Resumes

MBA Web Resumes

One of the main differences between electronic resumes and traditional paper resumes is that electronic resumes place much more emphasis on nouns and keywords, while traditional paper resumes focus on the use of action verbs. When recruiters receive electronic resumes, they often search for potential candidates by keyword. Keywords describe skills and competencies and often describe industry buzzwords (e.g. brand management, market research).

You can incorporate keywords in your resume by including a skills section. Within this section, try to incorporate nouns and different forms of words. For example, in a traditional resume, if you begin one of your bullet statements with “Led”, you should consider using “leadership” in your skills section.

If you are unsure of what keywords to include, examine the position description. The job description will give you a good place to start.

There are several types of electronic resume formats which include:

  • ASCII or Plain text – appropriate for e-mail or posting your resume on the Web
  • Rich text – appropriate for sending your resume as an e-mail attachment
  • MS Word – appropriate if you know the organization will be scanning your resume
  • HTML – appropriate if you are posting your resume on your own personal Web page
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