MBA Resume for Account Executive

Candidate for Masters of Business Administration, May 2002
§ VP Corporate Relations, Graduate Women In Business
§ Consulting Club, Opportunity Consultants Inc., Cold Call Chorus
Bachelor of Science in Finance, May 1996
§ Elected President of Class of 1996
§ Oxford University, Oxford, England: Study Abroad, International Finance, Merit Scholarship
§ American University of Rome, Rome, Italy: Study Abroad, Italian Studies
Summer 2001 BOOZ-ALLEN & HAMILTON INC. New York, NY
Summer Associate
§ Uncovered inaccuracies in reserve calculations resulting in a $150M reduction in net A/R, as part of
a $4Bn working capital reduction initiative for a telecom company.
§ Managed a client team to address troubled debt accounts. Designed and implemented an Access tool
to help the client become more effective in the resolution of accounts.
1999-2000 GORMLEY & PARTNERS (A subsidiary of marchFIRST) Greenwich, CT
§ Developed strategic frameworks and brand positionings for clients including Johnson & Johnson,
AT&T, Bank One/First USA, Wingspan Bank and GoPin (an Internet start-up).
§ Managed creative staff of three. Produced product and positioning concepts as well as sample direct
marketing packages for client presentations.
§ Conducted qualitative research in domestic and international markets to test new concepts.
§ Created consumer segmentation models to define target markets for qualitative research.
§ Drafted discussion guides, screeners and summary reports. Produced videos to present research
findings to clients.
1996-1999 CITIBANK New York, NY
Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Global Consumer Bank
§ Managed marketing budget of $8 million.
§ Teamed with Citibank Latin America, Philippines and Belgium to develop an Fx product.
§ Repositioned liability and asset products by identifying competitive positioning and pricing gaps.
§ Identified profitable segments and cross-sell opportunities through analysis of liability and asset
profiles. Presented findings to senior management.
Management Associate, Global Consumer Bank
§ Hired into Citibank’s highly selective 24-month Management Associate training program.
§ Launched a Citibank branch network in a new market as part of a team of five. Expansion fulfilled
corporate strategy of a branch presence in contiguous markets.
§ Executed revenue enhancement initiatives that generated over $10 million.
§ Developed Intranet website content as a sales training tool for Citibank’s PC Banking service.
§ Analyzed asset portfolios for rate sensitivity. Findings assisted senior management in pricing
1995-1996 THE WHITE HOUSE Washington, DC
Intern: Organized a forum for women business leaders.
§ Participate in events to fight breast cancer, Avon 3-Day (60-mile breast cancer walk) 1999, 2000.
§ Interned at the Embassy of the United States in Rome, Italy while studying abroad.