MBA Resume & Cover Letter

MBA Resume & Cover Letter

Purpose of a Resume

  • a critical step at the beginning of a job search process
  • an advertisement/marketing tool
  • a written pitch
  • a screening tool
  • an assessment of your value
  • a document that leads to an interview (not a job, yet!)
  • a first impression
  • a stand alone document


  • One full page (unless more than 10 years of work experience) Sections, in this order (heading names may vary):
    Name and Contact Information (top)
    1. Education
    2. Experience
    3. Activities
  • Easily scanned for skills, results, job titles and company names in 30 seconds.
  • Organized in reverse chronological order (most recent experiences on top)
  • Bullet points, not paragraphs
  • Appropriate amount of white space Vs. text
  • No graphics
  • Standard fonts

Good Resume CONTENT

  • Current and previous job responsibilities represent your skills and results (in addition to general duties and responsibilities).
  • Shows the impact your performance has/had on the department, project, organization or company.
    Quantify information/results, where possible. For example, “Achieved 80% reduction of lost-time accidents, saving company $1.2 million….”
  • Prioritize bullet points beginning with the most relevant or most impactful on the top.
  • Use action verbs descriptive of your skills to start each bullet point
  • Show promotion or advancement (via titles, dates)
  • No outdated or irrelevant activities—unless it is a significant accomplishment, skills or unusual talking point.
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