MBA Job Interview

MBA Job Interview

An interview is a two way information exchange between an employer and a prospective employee. Not only does it give companies a chance to evaluate you as a potential employee, it also gives you the opportunity to assess your own fit within an organization. Try topschoolsintheusa for 64 most common interviewing questions.

The two most common types of interviews conducted by MBA recruiters, behavioral interviews and case interviews, are described in more detail in each corresponding section.

What Do Recruiters Seek In Candidates?

  • Communication/interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work well within a team
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to drive results
  • Leadership potential
  • Fit with corporate culture

Interview Sales Plan

  • Set your goal
  • Research the company and position
  • Speak to alums at the company
  • Incorporate your unique differentiators into effective interview stories
  • Prepare thoughtful questions
  • Be mindful of the “soft” skills

Interview Types

  • Informational
  • Employment
    • Screening
    • Second rounds
      • Case presentations
      • Assessment centers
      • Psychological profile

Interview Formats

  • Situational Interviews
    • Individual or group
    • Typical for internships
  • Individual Case Interviews
  • Group Case Interviews

A Few Important Hints

  • Avoid discussion of compensation
  • “Close the Sale” – have you executed your plan?
  • Be timely in your follow-up communication
  • Seek advice if “dinged”
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