Maxi Dress with Slits in Spfw

The last day SPFW is always crazy and to enjoy the day (and work, of course!), I chose a single piece: the black sweater from Forever 21 as dress. But if you realize, it’s not a sweater any, he ends with a midi length income forming a super look different with face of fashion week. The Cross Necklace of Miosotis completed production, that was pretty powerful. Have also used a hair accessory that is one of the trends of the season and the white bag of pirarucu leather of Mara Spina-this template is very beautiful and worth investing to be a timeless bag. With the look you choose, we’re going to parades of the day!

Apartment 03 initiates our afternoon parades, the midi-length is the theme of the collection, the same goes for the short pants, ending in the middle two feet above the instep, often with turn-ups. Races appear on dresses or blouses up structured around the middle of the thighs, in the second block have fluid fabrics, many embroidery as in black dress in the spotlight–one of my favorite pieces. A Highlight of the collection were the men’s shoes metallic funk beak and white platform sandals with feathers. Already on the third block the meshes of Bugle beads in black and white that appear over capri pants or dresses fluid flush to the body with ties at the waist and shoulders–a spectacle for the eyes!

On the catwalk of Gloria Coelho, besides the looks beautiful, we have the presence of actress Isis Valverde who wore a slinky dress to the body full of clippings representing the bride from the collection. The Designer makes a tailoring, I loved the pants and blouses pantacourts cullotes regatta, sometimes with covers! In fact, this trend is coming gradually in Brazil and have everything to play for in the summer. The shoes were a highlight on the catwalk – very heavy, some ankle boots with leather straps called attention and also the bi-colored models. As far as Gloria, we’re going to have a summer well polished and elegant.

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The parade of Adriana Degreas left a dip to “Black Zone“–which houses the weirdest sea creatures in the depths of the ocean. The scenery was amazing, created two slits for input and output of the models with beams of light exactly as the bottom of the sea. The idea was to mix these “” with sharks and surfers represented with bodies in mesh or neoprene as the dresses and swimsuits in bright LaTeX! The whole collection in black and white bring pieces with shark fins clipped or applied on parts, one of which struck me most was the with bathing suits and skirts that were recreating the skeleton of fish-beautiful to look at, but at the same time chilling with a lot of attitude! If the year was of Brazilian surfers, the summer will be from Adriana Degreas!

The day continues with the parade of Wagner Kallieno with more than 1 hour and a half late. Deconstruction is the keyword of the collection inspired by Miró: parkas without the back, coats that are only front and sleeves, short skirts that remain long on the side and many looks that work the asymmetry of the pieces. The color chart brings very white and Brown, with pinches of lavender, Orange, green water and blue jeans.

PRE-PA-RA!! So begins the parade of Amapô–to the tune of Lexter, Waleska Popozuda and MC Guimê-with a lot of reference to 80 years, neon colors, drawings and printed rays! Inspired by Barbarella, David Bowie, Miami and all this 80 ‘s perfume, the collection brings everything together and mixed with the focus on jeanswear, jackets cut with chains, swimsuits and bikinis who are easily a night. The collection is sexy, fun, unisex-after all, the boys also wear very pink, short shorts and jackets statement! Of course in real life, only the wildest, meanwhile we had fun with this powerful show!

To end the day, and the week of fashion, we have 2ndFloor straight out of the old runway Fashion Rio-inspired by a trip to Coney Island, the invitation itself-shingle gave the tone of the collection. The scenery had the power to transport you to that location so different from NEW YORK with lampposts and models parading with comfortable sports parts and shapes such as maxiblusões, hooded sweaters and screens. Already, the tennis came into vogue to complete visual 90 ‘s with shredded jeans! The last SPFW Summer 2016 day ends so unpretentiously, bringing in a democratic fashion and a lot of inspirations for amadurecermos and solidify as a trend for next season.

Enjoyed the last day SPFW?

Photos: Fashion Frisson

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