LG Wanted 5 Nexus Had Been Baptized as Nexus G

Curiosities of weekend around the Nexus 5, that will not change our perception about him nothing, but yes it helps us to learn a little of the story that lies behind its development. As you know, LG It repeats as manufacturer Nexus product, and to our way of seeing, improving what had been offered with Nexus 4.

The 5 Nexus, as its name suggests, is the fifth member of a family of phones that had different manufacturers, always under orders from Google. He is introduced Android 4.4 KitKat, and high-end phone specifications, charging us far less experience.

In any case, phones tend to be associated with another firm that makes it, with similar specifications. On this occasion he played him to the LG G2, which really was not so similar as we initially thought. What if wanted the Koreans is that at least the name, left to view more DNA LG.

Looking back, LG decided to change the name “Optimus G” to simply “G”, and with that letter would appointed which phones were top in the Korean House. For this reason, from local sources inform us that LG wanted that phone called LG Nexus G, and to bring it closer to names such as LG G2, LG G Pad LG G Flex.

Google did not agree with the change, and you know as he finished the story. What LG requested was not any outrage, in the past there has been a Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus Samsung hand. Reviewing Google Play, it seems clear that the strategy of Google is the baptizing simply with numbers that related to size of screen (5,7,10).

We cannot confirm this fact, but we find it interesting to enter it and discuss it. To my I would have liked that denomination, is clear that there is much in that phone LG.