LG Puts in The Market of 12 Million Smartphones in The Third Quarter

* Update *, LG is displaced to fourth place by Huawei, according to Strategy Analytics.

Information relating to sales in the last quarter and financial results arrive. Some like the eight millions of Nokia are not official, but it is the case that concerns us, LG. The Koreans are presented with enough positive data to become strong in third place of manufacturers.

In the last quarter – third year – LG has sold 12 million smart phones, a stable amount with respect to the previous measurement (12.1 million in the second quarter). In the absence of data by Huawei or ZTE, does not seem to be many differences between them, and there is no way to Samsung and Apple approach.

In regards to income, LG Mobile Comunnications, has increased by 24% figures, reaching 2.75 million dollars. The company intends to sell more Premium products, like the LG G2 or the LG G Flex that is to come, and remain strong where already are, with medium-high range and phones with connectivity for LTE (series L and F).

They tell us that the average price of sale of the terminal has been reduced, affected by the high competition in the market, and by the enormous investment in advertising that have been.

Looking back to published official data, we see that sales are quite similar, increased in the seasons of the year in which normally sold more phones: 12.1 million second-quarter 2013, 14 million in the third quarter of 2012, 12 million in the second quarter of 2012.