LG Processors Odin’s Eight Cores Show His Power in AnTuTu

Samsung and MediaTek take some time offering mobile processors with eight cores, and is now LG you want to make that leap also with their Odin, microprocessors whose performance have appeared in tests with AnTuTu.

The Odin with eight cores were able in these tests a score from 27.184, that puts them at the level of the Samsung Exynos 5410, suggesting that the design of this processor is very similar to that Samsung uses in its octo – core.

That means that, apparently, LG has used the architecture big. LITTLE in which only four of the eight nuclei present in the micro-work at the same time in any situation. According to load more powerful nuclei are activated either the most efficient energy level, something that offers balance between performance and battery autonomy.

Seems however that this micro could give rather than Yes since ranges were used in the testing of frequencies ranging from 100 to 1000 MHz. If using higher frequencies in the actual buses appearing on mobile devices we probably yields actually notable.

That performance is compounded by the inclusion in the SoC of the LG Odin of graphics chips Power VR Series 6, that analysts are among the most powerful that the coming year may offer in smartphones and tablets.