LG G2 “Google Edition” Is Not in The Plans, Would Better Be a Nexus with Its Base

LG It is the third manufacturer of smartphones worldwide, at least in the last quarter. His mid-range and terminals LTE have enabled him to rise to 12.1 million sales, and also their constant inspiration in Samsung, it seems that it reports positive things.

Where not going to follow in the footsteps of its Korean neighbors is in the creation of a “Google Edition” as which it drew up on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Now having a terminal so greedy as LG G2, was the possibility that a version with “Pure Android” appeared, accompanied by HTC and Samsung.

Android Community has contacted the company to ask about the possibility of a LG G2 “Google Edition”. The answer is that no, at least in the medium term. That same said HTC, and a month already had presented a version of the HTC One, so better don’t we take it to the letter.

The reality is different in the case of LG, since it may be them same policymakers develop a close Nexus, with Super LG G2 base, so it wouldn’t make too much sense to have two so similar products.

On what is counted in the gossip concerning a Nexus of Motorola, we should think that it would not support as a product in most markets globally, and that I’m sure is not what you want to Google for one of his creatures. They will choose a global brand like LG.