LG G Flex Will Come to Europe This February [Last Updated: and to Spain]

UPDATE: LG has confirmed to us that also reach Spain, such which we reflect in article.

LG G Flex, the first curved terminal of the Korean brand, is announcing their arrival to new markets. Until now it was only available in Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, but during the last CES it was announced that we would also see it in the United States. Now, a few days later, have confirmed that We will also see in Europe.

Specifically, from LG have ensured to be released in the most important markets of the old continent, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden and Austria, among others. In total, we’ll see in more than 20 new countries by that date. From Engadget have put us in contact with LG to confirm whether these countries will be Spain, something that is not specified in the “official press release”: our site, and the manufacturer has ensured us that it will also come in our country at the end of February or early March.

For the more clueless, it’s a terminal 6 where the main novelty is its curvature on the horizontal axis. To that end they have used a POLED (Plastic Oled) panel. This is just the opposite of what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Round, whose curvature is made on the vertical axis. If you are curious, our colleagues from Engadget “already have been tested”: our site and tell us your first impressions This phone.