JVC Launches Tinyphones for Delicate Børneører

With TINYPHONES can kids get their own headphones with built-in volume control who cherish the delicate eardrums.

It is always tempting to screw anything up, especially if you are small. At the same time, many headphones today deliver sound pressure levels that could potentially cause hearing damage or impaired hearing ability.

Therefore launches music specialist JVC today two TINYPHONES, with a focus on ensuring safe sound for children from three years of age. The company writes in a press release.

In order to prevent hearing damage from childhood, is TINYPHONES set to maximum to deliver sound pressure levels at 85 dB-a level that eliminates the risk of damage to the small ear drums.

JVC TINYPHONES is available in two formats, In-Ear or on-Ear, which can either be crammed in or on the outside of the ears.

The design is tailored for the small, for it offers amoxil lively colors and stickers so the look can be customized to the individual’s taste. The construction is at the same time strengthened so they can stick to the children’s active use. When TINYPHONES is not used, they can be folded together to form a necklace.

The child-safe headphones are ideal for playing together with Spotifys recently launched Kiidio-service which offers streaming of child-friendly content, with an interface, music and audiobooks to the youngest.

Indicative price will be 199.0-dollars for In-Ear which is available in either blue, pink, or light blue if. On-Ear version will run up in 299.0-crowns and are available in pink, blue, red or violet. Nearest dealer can be found at our site