It Shows Google Sooner, a Prototype of 2007 with a Newborn Android

Not long ago I talked that, as a result of the trial of Oracle against Google, they were showing very interesting information about the birth of the mobile operating system of the search engine giant.

Among other important things, had come to light recreations of the terminals that Google had designed for your OS in 2006, that although not retain the idea and design that prevails today, if they show clearly what Google wanted it to be the mobile ecosystem.

Today expressed their images with good quality of one of the first prototypes that were manufactured with Android in the head, manufactured by HTC and clearly inspired by Blackberry design, was known as Google Sooner or, code development, HTC had 300.

With images lipitor online coupon that illustrate the article also discussed their specifications, led by a chipset from Texas Instruments OMAP850 and 64 MB of RAM memory.

His camera was 1.3 megapixels and even had connectivity WiFi or 3G, although perhaps the most curious is the device not implemented a touchscreen, working with a keyboard QWERTY Blackberry available accompanied by a directional pad and the four navigation buttons that he then inherited the commercial versions of Android.

Apparently, the device was life thanks to a pre-release Android 1.5 Cupcake, that could be discarded Android 1.0 and was dating about six months before the emergence on the market of the HTC Dream, Android Dev Phone 1 and the first commercial terminal with Android in the market.