It Is “Almost” Official: The G2 of LG Receive The Awaited Android 4.4 Soon KitKat

The G2 is an attractive smartphone. There is no doubt. In fact, for something is currently one of the flagships LG (if you want to “Refresh” your specifications you can take a look at the post that are dedicated in their day). And, in addition, it has personality, as evidenced by the buttons that incorporates in its back, among other features.

Although not yet official globally, subsidiary of LG in Saudi Arabia has posted a message on his Twitter account that says that the G2 will receive before the end of this month of January its own update to 4.4 Android KitKat. Great news for all owners of this smartphone, no doubt.

As you know, this version of Android includes several improvements very juicy. It is faster than their predecessors (especially in terminals with limited hardware), it incorporates the new module Host Card Emulation For more secure transactions through NFC, it is better integrated with the cloud, etc. If you want to review all of its features, you can take a look at this post.

But back to the G2. As we said, the message posted on Twitter by LG only applies to Saudi Arabia, but it is obvious that, if the update does not simultaneously reach more countries, will do it shortly after from its launch in the Arab State. By LG.