Irina Daybed, or How to Make a Cover for a Bed in Turkish

Loft, by industrial workshop, vintage, by past fashion, or showroom for exhibition. Is seen in another language seem to sound better and the Turkish bed life could not be less. Now by the grace of globalization has passed has called daybed, so, when it comes to cover it there letting of quilts or bedspreads and look for a cover, We should tell daybed cover, in keeping with its new and glamorous name. Irina has done and share it with everyone in his blog.

For the cover it has used the filling of a quilt, cut fabric in off-white in five pieces for the Center and the four sides and two white zippers for marriages. She has organized support and lateral pads with a mattress, Cot, two cushion fillings and two pants old corduroy that has used for covers in Orange and Maroon.

No doubt a waste of imagination, What No of money, It has given a great result. Do you think, you urge to copy it?