iPhone-6 clone: Lenovo Sisley Officially Unveiled [Update 06.11.14] [Rumor Article 16.10.14]

The 5-inch smartphone was now finally officially presented. The device, which comes in the iPhone look, will come in China at a price of approximately 262 euros on the market for the time being.
The Lenovo Sisley S90 takes a 5-inch screen with its AMOLED screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolves.Equipped with the processor Snapdragon 410 quad-core SoC and the 1 GB memory is for a pretty decent pace of work taken care of. The back camera dissolves 13 megapixels, while resolves the Frontcam with 8 megapixels. A relatively small 2,300 mAh battery should provide for a sufficient period. Also, it is associated with dual SIM and NFC on the market.

Lenovo is known most certainly only as PC and tablet manufacturer. Lenovo also produced for some years of smartphones, but primarily only in Asia. Now, the manufacturer has to seem to draw attention with its new smartphone “Sisley”. And this goal is achieved probably match design and construction with a, the iPhone 6.

Visually the iPhone 6 amazingly similar to

Outwardly reminds the Lenovo Sisley on the iPhone 6: ranging from the design with the sleek aluminium casing, to the speakers on the bottom, as well as the positioning of the camera on the back. Also the housing and the frame seem to be exactly copied the iPhone 6.

Technical details

The Lenovo Sisley to be equipped with a 5-inch HD display with AMOLED technology. The cameras dissolve MP on the rear and 8 MP at the front with 13. For comparison, the iPhone 6 resolves with a 1,2MP front camera. For the speed should the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC processor with 1.2 GHz clock ensure. 1 GB RAM are slightly short for, but nevertheless, you can extend the 16 GB internal memory via micro SD card.Compared to Apple’s A8 chip, it’s probably a little serious competition. Like many Smartphones on the Asian market, also the Lenovo Sisley with dual-SIM support will be provided. Software 8 is of course not iOS from Apple installed be 4.4 KitKat, but Android.

Release date, price and bottom line

Since currently it’s all rumors, is uncertain whether the Lenovo Sisley in the displayed form appears. Also, for the time being no prices are stated. Surely it is here by a mid-range Smartphone – and one according to competitive prices. The iPhone was often copied in recent years, should be first and foremost in the foreground. Apparently, Lenovo would like to benefit from the iPhone 6 hype. Although the device on the pictures looks very elegant, but technically the Sisley is no serious competition for Apple. What is your opinion on the Lenovo Sisley? Would you put in you the iPhone-6 clone?