“I’m looking for Germany’s Most Beautiful Curves!”

I was as a child already chubby, and also as a teen I had pronounced curves. At the beginning of the 20th century, I realized that it was not easy to find great clothes in big sizes. Unless I had been ready to leave the house with huge flowers on my chest or in tops that reached my knee.
At that time, the motto of the fashion industry was obviously: “to cover what can not be seen!” For me, however, it was not at all doubtful and unattractive, and I was more than dissatisfied with the whole situation.
In mid-20, I lived in the US for a while and suddenly realized that for me as a curvy woman opened completely different possibilities.  Women emphasized what was considered too much butt, belly or butt, and showed themselves more attractive than I could ever have imagined. I covered myself with great clothes and my return trip to Germany was hardly to be accomplished because of the over-luggage. Little by little, however, the fashion industry changed, and I discovered labels like NoSecret, Brand, Yoek and Chalou, who made my clothes. Fancy, daring, modern, the emphasis on the right body parts and the best: I did not discover this alone.
More and more I saw other women dressed well and showed what they had. Bloggers began to write about their favorite outfits and after a short time, striking, attractive women with curves were self-evident! The media reported only modestly about slightly rounded ladies, such as the fabulous Barbara Schöneberger, but they were gradually bolder. Today many figures are still showing the figure of Adele or Beth Ditto in the foreground, but they are there and show with courage and self-assurance that they are part of their figure.
I could give a long lecture on the topic, but to put it briefly: the average German wear clothes size 42/44. In the media, however, it is suggested that dress size 34 is normal and 38 is already PlusSize. Unfortunately, this is sad reality, and so many of us walk through life with a bad conscience and are dissatisfied with ourselves. It is also frustrating to try to fit into a template that you simply can not fit and which is the least appropriate.
I know I lean far out the window and it sounds like American miscarriages when the candidates say they wanted the world peace, but I am convinced that the world would be a little bit better if we were all happier with us itself its DÜRFTEN. And I would like to work with my team!

If someone had told me two years ago that we would organize a gala, in which we can show what beautiful curves Germany has to offer, I would have liked the idea, but I would have been rather disbelieving. Only last summer the project Fräulein Kurvig – Germany’s most beautiful curves. In the winter, I announced my plan to organize them annually, and I quickly knew an incredibly dedicated team behind me.

It quickly became clear: we want to create away from the dusty image of the mismatch and create a very own form of the beauty contest. Of course with well-known patterns, like the catwalk and ultimately a sparkling crown on a happily wary female head. But we want personality … no dull faces running along a catwalk. We are not looking for a nameless, interchangeable Miss, we are looking for the Curvy It-Girl! And this regardless of size, height and age.

More than 600 women have applied to our call. 40 of them were invited to the casting and I can honestly say that the jury, consisting of Mirjam Grossmann(PR and marketing manager), Tom Barcal(actor) and myself as organizer, was hard to make a decision. Many of the women had the power to assert themselves in the final. But it had to be screened. After all, the three first-place model contracts with the renowned PlusSize agency MOS.

The most important point we evaluated was the personality. Of course, this is just a moment, but it was important to us that our candidates are women who can occupy the space. They should be special, attract attention and it should be fun to watch them and especially listen. A great woman must also have something to say. Personally, I am impressed by women who love to dance out of the line and surprise me with completely new views. Nevertheless, it must be a teamplayer and can adapt itself, if it is important. A crucial point is also that they can deal with the excitement, stage fright and the unfamiliar situation.

In addition, our candidates were able to run on paragraphs, above all they had a straight body posture and could move fluently. Our candidates are given two days of dance and choreography before the grand finale, but the basic prerequisites have to be given. Each candidate had a month to prepare – but had to convince on the final casting day in five minutes. Two minutes were planned for questions and the walk. They were allowed to design themselves for three minutes. Everything was allowed, and it did not matter what and how well it was shown, but that something was prepared.

Kirsten impressed us very much by presenting a self-written song with choreography. Sonja has described himself with painted posters and gave it to Mikas “Big Girl” for the best. Romy almost moved us to tears when she told us that like many other people she had “masked” herself so as not to be hurt. She said many hide behind an artificial “I” to hide the true self. At the same time, she took off her hair, pulled off her shorts and top … until she stood in front of us as “she herself”. It was hard for her, and when we noticed her voice was trembling, I was about to cry.

Shortly before the gala, I can say that I am on three things insanely proud.

I am working with an incredibly dedicated team that is completely behind the theme and is committed to a lot of ideas and creativity to make a difference.

We have managed to select twelve incredibly great women for our final, which are quite different, but each one would make a fantastic figure as the first “Fräulein Kurvig” with the most beautiful curves in Germany.

I am more proud of the fact that we are encouraging many women with this action. I got some mails that made me cry, and that’s not just because I’m basically built close to the water. I’ve been working for so long for women to accept themselves, to learn to love, and I feel that this message is more and more open. There are so many fantastic women who have done this and are finally able to live liberated. But unfortunately there are also the many others, who are unhappy with their bodies and fight it right.

Stop it … and show what unique person is in you!