Humble Mobile Bundle 6 Gives You 6 Android Games for Cheap Money

Get six Android games for just 25 bucks and help support charity in the process.

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is out and gives you a minimum of three games for a price you decide, and six games if you pay more than 25.0-kroner (at time of writing). Among other things the game Threes have been part of praise along the way both of different both by users on Google Play and critics on the net.

No matter what you pay, you get:
– Rakesh Inifinity (16,56,-normal)
-Duet Premium (exclusive debut with this Humble Bundle)
– Combo Crew Special Edition (7,-)

Are you paying more than 25 dollars you get:
– Threes (11.02,-)
– My of Mars (27,77,-)
– Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf
-More will come later

You will also receive the accompanying soundtrack to each game, they can all be installed on your phone via the Humble Bundle application.
Unfortunately, the games you buy not tied up on Google Play version of the game, which means that there is not enough land so many updates to the games, but therefore one could well take advantage of the fine deals and at the same time around aid charity.