Huawei Selina, Telstra’s Low Cost Android

Today we mentioned that Yoigo It will launch this summer a series of offers, including new terminals are for your catalog. One of the new terminals will be a low-cost Android is manufactured by Huawei company, it is the Huawei U8110, that Telstra will be known as Huawei Selina.

Indeed, maybe the input image you sound of something, and that, we call it “Pepe” or call him “Joseph”, It’s the same phone Movistar presented earlier this month called Movistar Ivy, a terminal that we know very well in Engadget Mobile.

The model Huawei U8110 Selina stands out as an Android 2.1 Eclair “Low-Cost” and, therefore, competes directly with their namesakes in other operators, such as the Orange Boston, the aforementioned Movistar Ivy or the Joy of Vodafone, also known as Vodafone 845.

The most striking features of the Huawei Selina, we already know thanks to the article where we talked about the Movistar Ivy, remember that they are a display of 2.8 inch, Chamber of 3.15 megapixel camera with LED flash and connectivity HSDPA, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Anyway, if you want more details, you anticipate unexpected treat that We are looking to fund terminal, Although it is specifically the Movistar Ivy, and in the coming days you will see in detail all the secrets of his software, of your hardware, of your camera photos and video, in addition a large comparative image gallery with other terminals. Stay tuned to the blog.

The Huawei Selina will be available on Telstra by 0 euros with any fee and stay in the data rate beginning of June 15.