HTC: You Wanted Thin Phones, So We Abandoned Higher Capacity Batteries

The main drawback of all smartphone is, without a doubt, the battery. Many of them are not even able to endure a full day of use. So while users looking for the tricks for squeezing the life from their smart phones, manufacturers try to lengthen the duration of the batteries. But apparently, this is not at all.

And it is that HTC has put on the table the true will of the users: finest phones, so we can go saying goodbye really long-lasting versions such as the Motorola RAZR MAXX, with a 3300 mAh battery, capable of supporting up to a couple of days.

A Conference that took place yesterday in Seattle, and according to SlashGear, Vice President of HTC, Björn Kilburn site cited an investigation carried out in 2011, which revealed that users wanted more fine and thin phones. This that is why they generic lipitor market share eliminated route plan greater and longer-lasting batteries for phones in 2012.

ESL result is that HTC has decided to place its One X battery capacity in about 1800 mAh and the One S in 1650 mAh, 8.9 and 7.8 mm thicknesses. Like this, they rejected the possibility of having capacities over even of the 3000 mAh, Kilburn said. So the plans of these batteries have been eliminated in favor of a few terminals much more thin and light, leaving functionality aside.

While it is true that it is not comfortable to travel with a brick in your pocket, and that some 3300 mAh batteries are not strictly necessary, it could have kept a relatively thin phone with some batteries around about 2500 mAh, thus the current Smartphones from one battery of more than enough for any day. What do you think?