HTC Fights Remain, Dropping Forecasts

HTC are reporting another quarter with heavy losses, now dropping the brand to publish the expected forecasts for the coming quarter.

Virtually all Android manufacturers are struggling to cope in the market, among other things, LG and Sony has presented some very sad numbers. HTC now jumps on the bandwagon and unveil another quarter with considerable losses on the account.

Turnover has fallen by 35 percent compared to the last quarter, but the total loss is not quite as large as the last quarter. Instead of losing the equivalent of 157 million dollars, they’re down to 151 million. But it is far from the place they were on the same time last year, namely with a business that just drove around. More HTC has decided that they will no longer publish forecasts for their performance in the future, simply because of uncertainty explains the. The only word that was put on the current quarter, is that they expect “incremental improvement”.

As you know, HTC has just launched their new One A9 which hopefully can get the wheels slightly in revolutions again, if it is successful, we have to wait until next year to see.