Hemp Is the Most Recent in Battery Race

There is now a share bid on, how we can get better batteries in our smartphones, and the latest is hemp.

We’ve talked about the graph, of a solution, leading mind over on fruit, and someone who will do the charging process quicker and more painless. It has been bid on solutions to the tedious fact that smartphones must be left up almost daily, but maybe hemp solution.

The hemp plant has many functions, and now researchers have found that with the right technique, so the plant can be used to store generic lipitor target large amounts of energy.

The researchers have obtained results that are on par with the graph, but hemp is much cheaper to produce, and it can better withstand temperature fluctuations.

Just as it is with so many other battery technologies, then it is not safe, who ends up behind the screen on the upcoming smartphones hemp, but the fact that the cost of production is small, may be a good starting point.