Griffith University – Gold Coast Review (28)

Griffith University – Gold Coast Review (28)

AUSTRALIA – sun, beach, sea, koalas, rugby… Everyone associates one or the other catchphrase with this country.

To be successful in the job market these days, a stay abroad is essential. Why shouldn’t you combine the pleasant with the useful and not spend your semester abroad in one of the most beautiful places in the world?

I chose Griffith University for a couple of important reasons. Since I wanted to spend my stay abroad in an English-speaking country and did not have to go through countless selection procedures, the choice was not very difficult for me. In addition, the selection of modules to be taken at one of the five campuses is huge and the number of international students promises an unforgettable stay. The location and the flair of the Gold Coast Campus did the rest…

You should plan about six months before you start your journey to clarify all organizational matters.

During the application process and the contact with the university, the team from ‘’ was always at my side with words and deeds, so that everything went quickly and easily. The only prerequisites for receiving a study place at Griffith are, on the one hand, proof of the required language skills (DAAD is sufficient) and, on the other hand, proof of a valid visa.
After receiving the ‘Confirmation of Enrollment’ (CoE), you can then apply for a visa at ‘’. In my case, I opted for a ‘Non-award Temporary Visa (Subclass 575)’. This costs around 350 € and after your credit card (or that of a friend’s) has been debited with the amount, you will have your visa within the following 1-3 weeks.

You should take care of the flight as early as possible, as the costs for short-term bookings are very high. For the transfer from the airport to the university, Griffith also offers a free Airport Collection Service, which must be booked at least three days before arrival.

  • See liuxers for more information about Australia and Oceania.

When looking for accommodation, there are basically four options. With a ‘homestay’ you live with an Australian family and pay a small amount for the ‘inconvenience’ (mediation by the university). Living in a student residence is definitely the most expensive option, but it also has advantages over the other options (close to the university, contact with other fellow students…). Of course, you also have the option of looking for a place to stay on your own. If you would like to know everything in the towel before your arrival, you can view a large range of apartments on various websites (e.g. and do everything online. However, I only looked for an apartment on site. There are apartment advertisements in various showcases on campus,

There are really only positive things to say about the university. I chose three modules that are not offered at my university and I was spoiled for choice. In contrast to my university, the tutorials are a compulsory course and you cannot miss more than two times. However, this does not serve to ‘torture’, but to support learning, which is also very important at Griffith University. All lecturers and tutors are very helpful and almost always have time to help you with problems if possible. In addition, there are numerous seminars and other offers that support you in learning and if there are problems in the private sector, a contact person can always be found.

I have to say that the workload is very high because you have your hands full with the regular tests, homework and presentations. Because of this, the course is also much easier than in Germany and the exams can be passed without any problems.

Otherwise, there are numerous leisure activities and lots to do in addition to studying. From sports clubs to concert events to excursions in the surrounding area, everything is included. The Gold Coast is also the right destination for the party-hungry – there is something going on in the numerous clubs and bars almost every evening and ‘Surfers Paradise’ is highly recommended!

In retrospect, I can say that the semester abroad in Australia was definitely worth it and I enjoyed the time Down Under. It’s definitely worth an experience and I’m sure you won’t regret it either!

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