Griffith University – Gold Coast Review (23)

Griffith University – Gold Coast Review (23)

The registration process is electronic and is easy to complete with the “griffith portal” as a general point of contact.

There you can also find the self-created timetable, course content (downloads) and the professors’ announcements for the lectures can be observed there.

The Griffith University has a huge campus and is excellently equipped. It has a huge area with confused numbering of the buildings, luckily they have their own app that you can use to orientate yourself.

In addition to the important Student Center, where you can get your student ID and OSHC health card, there is a huge bib. There, the reading material to be borrowed is rather sparse, but there is plenty of PC space available. There is even an XBOX station for gaming in between.

Cafes, restaurants and a kind of cafeteria can be found relatively centrally. The cheapest meal there was about 8 AUD – cheap is something else.

The bar, however, is pretty cool. You can eat there, play billiards and drink alcoholic beverages, and there are occasional parties that I didn’t go to.

You can live in the so-called Village. Student dormitories with small apartments. Heard that it should cost from 230 AUD per week there, so comparatively expensive. Better to look for a flat in the middle of surfers or the surrounding area. Most of the students who live there are very young, 18+, and eager to party. There were regular parties that ended around 11 p.m., as the rhythm is different there.

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There are numerous sports clubs that you can join for a small price. The teams try to act professionally, but there is still considerable room for improvement in more European sports.

You can register in the in-house fitness studio, which I advise against. It’s small and expensive. There’s one in Southport that is better and much cheaper.

I can’t say much more about leisure time and sports opportunities, as I was hardly ever on the university grounds and didn’t take part in these events.

I attended the Management Consulting, Programming Principles I and Quality and Performance Management courses.

Management consulting was very exciting, but also extremely demanding. In addition to the mandatory final exam, a group presentation and an individual assignment should be made. The lecture was very interactive and the lecturer has many years of professional experience and knows what she is talking about. The biggest disadvantage was the required reading. This was extremely rare in the bib and there were no used copies to buy. New costs around 200 AUD – just too much.

It was also graded quite hard, so the rumor is not true that this course is very easy in Australia.

Programming Principles I was great. There you learn the basics of Java programming. There is no compulsory attendance and all of the learning material is online. There is a quizz every week, but it was usually very easy if you had prepared yourself. In addition to the script, tutorial videos are also provided. A lot of exercises are provided, which can also be challenging and motivating. Overall, I really enjoyed this course. The exam was fair and was also graded fairly.

Quality and performance management was also great. The professor knew how to inspire and explained very well. A total of 5 quizzes had to be written, which were a joke:-D and a final exam that was fair.

The quizzes were set up as multiple choice, each with 4 questions, and were corrected by the person sitting next to me… I couldn’t find the words.

The tuition fees for three courses at AU $ 7,500 are quite high. Each additional course costs AUD 500 extra. If you drop a course on time, there is no penalty. If you exceed a certain date, unfortunately I forgot which one, you have to pay a kind of penalty so that you can cancel the course without failing.

The connection to the university is great, the tram comes every 8 minutes. To be able to use this, you will receive a so-called Gocard. They can charge them with money and thus use public transport at a low student rate. In addition to the Gocard, you must always have your student ID and a so-called TTCC card with you, which Translinc guarantees you the student tariff. Sounds strange, but that’s how it is. Sometimes it’s much more bureaucratic than at home.

Exam conditions are quite strict. Sometimes there are seating arrangements and you have to sign a piece of paper that is supposed to prove that you are writing the exam yourself. Toilet visits are meticulously recorded and several people check that everything is in order during the exam.

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