Griffith University – Gold Coast Review (12)

Griffith University – Gold Coast Review (12)

University and courses

It was worth studying there for the campus alone. The atmosphere is very relaxed due to a lot of meadow and trees on a huge area, you get the impression of being in a park and not in the university. So you can see straight away where the tuition fees are going. The equipment and furnishings of the rooms are also extremely high-quality. Everything is very organized and the professors are very committed and approachable at any time.

I took the three courses Retail Marketing, Consumer Psychology and International Business. Each week there is a two-hour lecture per subject and an associated one-hour tutorial, which means ten hours a week. That sounds extremely little, especially since I never had to go to university on Thursdays or Fridays. But you shouldn’t be blinded by that, because during the semester I sometimes had more to do than with my full-time job and evening studies combined. For the subjects I needed three books, each of which cost at least $ 50-100 if you’re not lucky and don’t find them used.

  • See prozipcodes for more information about Australia and Oceania.

The final grades of my courses consist of four components in each of my subjects: an intermediate examination, an individual report, a group work and the final examination. If you had to submit two reports on the same deadline and had an intermediate examination, you quickly came under time pressure, and each partial grade is decisive for the overall grade. I noticed that fellow students who only took subjects from the first year had significantly less effort. I had second and third year courses. Of course, it always depends on the demands you have on yourself and your grades. But I wouldn’t underestimate it. In retrospect, I have to say that I learned an incredible amount from it, because I dealt very intensively with all the content and everything was very practice-oriented. Although it was often stressful, it was fun.

The language didn’t cause any problems at the university, all lectures were very understandable.

Living on the Gold Coast

All the university stress is balanced out twice and three times with the Australian attitude to life. Australians are extremely friendly and helpful. The bus drivers say goodbye to you with a friendly “Take care, darling” and the old men on the street wish you “G’day!” In the morning. Life on the Gold Coast, in particular, is indescribably beautiful, and I have never experienced that in any other place during my travels. In the morning, the locals get up very early to surf, jog or do yoga on the beach at sunrise. Everyone goes to work early to quit work early to spend as much time outside as possible. Unfortunately, the sun sets from 5 a.m. in winter, which is a shame, but one more reason to enjoy the time in the morning.
I can only describe the weather from February to July: The rainy season was quite late, so it rained until mid-March, but it was very warm. In May it was already cooler, especially at night it went down to five to seven degrees by the end. In return, you have many great, dry, sunny days in winter, not cooler than 20 degrees.


Unfortunately, I can’t put it another way: Australia is expensive for Europeans. The rents range between $ 130 and $ 230 per week, depending on whether you share a room or what the location is – so you should plan for € 500 just for the rent. In supermarkets you spend about twice as much as in Germany.

The flight also costs around € 1,000, the student visa € 400, and of course you also want to see something of the country. It is not fun to be short of money in Australia, so I would take whatever support is possible – whether BaFöG, scholarship, student loan or maybe the parents. You can hardly manage these sums on your own. I tried to find a job, which unfortunately didn’t work. My training as a media clerk didn’t bring me anything, so I applied to restaurants and supermarkets, where of course all locals were given preference. Jobs are very scarce there so don’t trust yourself to find a job. You have better chances if you are there for a full year for a master’s program.


Here we come to the pleasant part. The Gold Coast is a good starting point to get to know Australia. On long weekends we flew from Gold Coast Airport or Brisbane Airport to Sydney and Melbourne and did a vantrip to Fraser Island. You can’t go wrong with traveling, everything is beautiful. After the semester, I had four weeks before my flight back home. Via the website “Workaway” I found a family with whom I could live for 10 days in a small village in the outback, because I wanted to get to know the ‘real’ life inland. A once in a lifetime experience. Then I traveled along the coast from Cairns to Brisbane for two more weeks, which was a nice end to the semester.

I had a great many moments full of happiness and gratitude that I was allowed to have this experience. I can only repeat what everyone says afterwards: it’s a lot of money but it’s just worth it and I would do it again without hesitation.

If anyone has specific questions about the courses or travel, they are very welcome to contact me via MicroEDU.

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