Griffith University – Gold Coast Review (10)

Griffith University – Gold Coast Review (10)

I spent a semester abroad at Griffith University on the Gold Coast in eastern Australia from February to June 2011.

Right from the start of my studies, it was clear to me that I wanted to complete the semester abroad in Australia, which was required by my university. I had heard many positive things about the unique nature and wildlife of Australia and the way of life of the Australians. This semester abroad was the perfect opportunity to visit this country and experience it for yourself! In addition, after all, you never know when the opportunity will arise again to live on the other end of the world.

When the semester abroad was approaching, the choice quickly fell on universities in eastern Australia, as good weather and the sea were particularly important to me for just under six months. I ultimately chose Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus. On the one hand, because it is relatively close to the sea, and on the other hand, because the tuition fees were slightly lower than at other universities in this region.

Griffith University’s campus is very large, but it is easy to find your way around. On campus there is, for example, a hairdresser, a fitness studio, a post office, a computer shop and a bookstore. There is also a small canteen that offers a variety of international dishes. Of course, the university also has a library that is really very well equipped. Wireless LAN is available free of charge for students on the entire campus. The university also has a wide range of leisure activities, such as various sports. The lecture rooms are air-conditioned, for which we are very grateful, especially in the summer months. The campus can be reached quickly and easily thanks to the good bus connections on the Gold Coast.

In my semester abroad, I had to take at least 4 courses in business administration. Griffith University has a wide range of courses, so my choice isn’t that easy. I was able to follow the lecturers and the content of the lectures without any problems. Studying was a little easier than in Germany and passing the courses is also possible with a little effort. International students have their own contact person who takes care of them and helps directly with problems and questions.

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The application process was quick and easy – thanks to MicroEDU. You fill out a few forms and send them to MicroEDU, from where they are forwarded to Griffith University. A few weeks later, I was accepted and had to transfer the tuition fees in advance. I then applied for my visa online and booked the flights a short time later. This shouldn’t be done too late.

At the beginning of February 2011 the time had finally come and the Australian adventure could begin! After landing in Brisbane, a friend and I took the train (AirTrain) from the airport to the Gold Coast. The trip took about 1.5 hours. From there we took the bus to Southport. Our destination was the local hostel “Trekkers Backpackers Resort”. At this point it should be mentioned that we wanted to find accommodation on site, which we have not regretted. It’s really easy and, in my opinion, better than living in one of the student dormitories (explanation of this follows)! Housing offers can be found on the bulletin board in the university or on the Internet, for example.

In the end we found a really nice and large apartment near the beach in the neighboring village of Surfers Paradise. Surfers Paradise is a slightly larger town and is very popular because of the beach, discos, supermarkets and shops. There is always something going on there! The bus only takes about 15 minutes to get to Griffith. The rental prices are a bit more expensive here, so you should either share an apartment with two or more. In principle, you then pay almost the same as in the student dormitories. I advise against these because they are quite expensive, you often only live in a small room, it is quite noisy and you have to take the bus to go shopping or to the beach, for example.

Traveling in Australia was not neglected either, after all you want to see something of this beautiful country. A first and recommendable opportunity is the 3-day trip to Byron Bay, which takes place during the orientation week and is voluntary, but not free. Here you can make first contacts, learn how to surf, kayak and watch dolphins, hike and, above all, celebrate with others. In general, the airfares in Australia are cheaper than in Germany. The weekends are particularly suitable for short trips to Sydney or Melbourne. In addition, there are no lectures for a week halfway through the semester, so that this time can be used for a longer stay and to visit more distant places.

Having completed my semester abroad in Australia and at Griffith University was definitely the right decision, one that I haven’t regretted for a second and don’t want to miss. I think that it will be the same for those who decide to spend a semester abroad at Griffith or Australia and I wish them a lot of fun!

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