Griffith University – Gold Coast Review (1)

Griffith University – Gold Coast Review (1)

I can’t really believe that I’m in the process of writing my report on my semester abroad because it all passed so quickly… but nevertheless I’m trying to give you a little impression of what and how I do it on the Gold Coast Griffith University like this: After taking off from Hamburg and traveling for about 25 hours, I landed in Brisbane with two fellow students. We were picked up from the airport by the previously organized pick-up service – I mean that this was possible via Griffith Uni – and brought to Surfers Paradise to the “Backpackers in Paradise” hostel. Because we landed in Brisy at 6 a.m., we had to wait until 11 a.m. to get into the room. Because of our tiredness we made the mistake of sleeping shortly after noon, to be awake again briefly in the evening to eat, and then to go back to sleep. The result was absolute insomnia at 4 a.m. and muddledness for the next 1 1/2 weeks until the body had got used to the change. I mean: don’t do that! Stay awake until evening, torment yourselves somehow, and then go to regular sleep at 8:21:22 pm… comes much better. I did the same after my arrival in good old Germany and lo and behold: Garnix go! We spent the next two days getting to know Surfers Paradise a bit and finding an apartment on site as quickly as possible. The real estate agencies weren’t that much of a help to us, except for First National Real Estate on Hanlan Street. We were given a really competent and very quick apartment, which we then took. You can calculate for a two-room apartment from $ 350 per week upwards, which is quite expensive! But all employees in the office are super friendly and there for you with all concerns.. so thumbs up and a clear recommendation to be there when it comes to looking for an apartment! The Byron Bay Trip, which you can book in advance, was definitely worth the money when it comes to making first contacts, talking a lot of English and getting into first contact with exotic animals such as dolphins… everything else you should Experience it yourself, but definitely a clear recommendation to do it! We didn’t really notice the orientation week because of the Byron trip (1st tour), even though we were of course at the introductory event, where there was a lot of information and tips. In retrospect we found out that free VIP tickets were given out for the Surfers Clubs.. so interesting for those who would like to go to party more often! Regarding the university and the processes, I can only say that the campus is very manageable, but large after a short period of getting used to it. Everything is signposted where you can find what. The cafeteria has pretty expensive prices with rather poor food, I thought, but everyone has to find out for themselves. $ 8-12 per meal is standard. but everyone has to experience that for themselves.

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The lecture halls are large and well equipped. Sometimes the air conditioning was really exaggerated… outside mega hot and inside then so cold that you had to put on a sweater and scarf to avoid getting sick. And I’m a man and really never sick, but after a week or two I got pretty bad… spent a week in bed! So be warned! I can say so much about the transport by bus from Surfers to the university that it took at least half an hour, but mostly three quarters to an hour. At every station people got on who had topped up their Go Cards, etc., which then delayed the rapid onward journey considerably. Now and then the buses came 10-30 minutes later. Apart from that, the buses were always overcrowded. So in summary: Annoyed! Since we planned to travel anyway we decided to buy a car after 3-4 weeks in Australia and that was the best decision. You are more flexible with all the distances. The City Train, which goes straight to the university, is now ready. I don’t know whether this is faster and / or cheaper, but this means of transport may make it easier to get to the university.

The fitness studio on the campus is not the newest, but it offers everything you need and with its around $ 140 per semester it is cheaper than any other! So also a clear recommendation to pass the time between two lectures!

Speaking of lectures and courses: In Germany I was used to cramming 4-5 weeks before the exams, but in OZ I had to find out that the system there is different. During the semester there is always enough to do with ongoing quizzes, tests and essays, which made the time for traveling very difficult. I didn’t find the level particularly difficult, but the to-do list is consistently pretty full, which is why you are constantly busy. Keep this in mind and have a look at the course profile of the respective course before choosing a course because everything is there in terms of examinations, dates, submissions, essays, etc. The volume of work during the semester can be easily derived from this. So choose wisely…

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