Google Play Resists This Time But The 5 Nexus (16GB) Return to Run out in Spain

If you remember, the launch of the Nexus 4 was all chaos. Google Play not resisted the invasion of eager buyers to get the new terminal and gave many problems the day of its release. The lucky ones could do with one of them until the stock is depleted. Many we wondered If this would happen again with Nexus 5. The response? No, but with nuances.

Right now, in the Spanish store There is no stock of Nexus 5 of 16GB in either of its two colors. Although the sign of “not available” was hung yesterday after little more than one couple of hours, sometimes the poster disappeared and returned to appear within a few minutes (mostly white model). Right now it seems that the lack of units is final. That Yes, the 32GB models that are in stock but they will leave the store on 8 November and not 4, as it will happen with the first shipments.

On this occasion, the launch seems to have been made without major incident except for some bugs point when making payments. Google has opted not to make official presentation (with all that it had leaked, in part makes sense) and have been the media responsible for replicating the rumor that came from the giant search engine and saying that at 1900 yesterday she would be on sale for everyone.

As a curiosity, also have chosen to put them to the for sale around the world at the same time, and non-staggered, as it did with the Nexus 4. While some models have been exhausted, it can be said that in this case Google Yes learned from the mistakes of the past and he has a major bug-free release.