Google Now Launcher Released for All Androids

Google’s own home screen, also known as Google Now Starts, can now be downloaded on all Android phones and tablets.

Now you can give your Android tablet or phone a Nexus makeover. Google’s Launcher from Nexus-series can give your phone quick access to Google searches and voice control.

Google Now Launcher, or in Danish: ‘Google Now Starts’, leans close to the Google future design language in Android l. icons are larger, more minimalist and graphic elements are pancake flat.

Simplicity is paramount and Google removes all unnecessary widgets from your home screen. However, you can always add them to taste. A swip left generates ‘Now the Cards’: suggestions, advice and news based on your preferences. 

Voice management (in English) is one of Google’s big bets. You can, among other things, silent alarms, schedule appointments, search the Web, and much more by command ‘OK Google’.

Previously Google Now Starts reserved for Nexus and Google Play American Edition phones. It was possible to page load Google Play Launcher on certain devices, but it is now widely available.

You can download Google Now Starts the Play Big here. It assumes that your tablet or phone running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or newer.