Google Asks for Help to Detect Failures of the Algorithm “Panda”

Whether or not it is there. The Google released the update “Panda” of its algorithm for searches in Portuguese in mid-August. With the change, researches tend to have more complete results, since algorithm which determines the most important (and least significant) network is smarter and search more complete information. Or should seek.

Google said last week it expects to have the help of users – especially those who work with Internet – to detect the Google Panda failures. And let me tell you right now: it is not one or two but several.

For this, they released a form (based on Google Docs) that must be filled by those who understand the practice of scraper – when a page copied content appears in front of that considered original.

Here in our site we detected a stunning drop in the number of accesses to our pages originating from Google. In theory, the TB fell in the ranking of the most trusted sites of Google. Our content is less interesting than Google once considered so deserve less access.

In practice, that checks people is that fans sites of “copy and paste” are taking advantage. For some searches, content originally published here on TB and reproduced without taking away or put on other sites is rankeando better. This means that the dailies appear in front of the pages our site, a serious and remarkable error in the Google algorithm.