Google Admits Flaws in the Implementation Buzz

Todd Jackson, senior product manager responsible for Google Buzz admitted in an interview to the network BBC that the implementation of the new online chat system did not come out exactly the way that the web giant imagined.

Soon it began to be activated in the first accounts the service was criticized because of its automatic addition of contacts, which opened the online lives of many users to stalkers and boring in general as well as raising issues related to invasion of privacy .On June 12 the Buzz went through a first update that increased a little user control over who follows its content, but the measure was considered insufficient by some critics.

“We internally test the Buzz for some time, but obviously the feedback of 20,000 employees would be different from the sent by all users of Gmail worldwide,” said the executive.

Already the British network news has another explanation for the initial failures: lack of testing. According to his information, Buzz was never tested in the Trusted Tester program, network of friends and family of Google employees who have access to new services before they are released.

As for millions of complaints that Buzz received from users all over the world, Jackson says the company is “terribly upset” and “apologizes for the inconvenience.” “We are working hard to solve all the problems,” he says.