Glove that “Gives Arrow” Promises More Safety to Cyclists

LED mechanism causes cyclists to show where they want to turn

Aiming to optimize the safety of cyclists in the use of their bikes in the urban centers, entrepreneurs created the Zackees, a glove that works as a beacon for the lovers of the pedals.

The product has LED lights that can be connected easily, simply push the forefinger or thumb and activate the contact plate. Additionally, it can work on the basis of a rechargeable battery or also be used with a non-rechargeable battery-saving capabilities.

The creation was registered on the Kickstarter collective financing site and with only two days of enrollment, they achieved more than the requested for mass production of gloves (US $35000). With the funding closed on January 8th of this year, they were able to raise more than double the defendant, by raising around 800 donors US $72,555. The product is available for pre for US $75 on the company’s website.

Zach Vorhies, former engineer of Google and mistress of the LED Tinkerer, left his job to work on the idea of glove, which was created in 2011.

However, his idea failed because the drawings were always bulky and unpractical, according to him. To overcome “disappointment”, the engineer worked in partnership with a friend who is fashion designer in new York, and created the Zackees.

Vorhies claims that he wants to invest in cycling and trendy and already thinks of one more project: A speaker box that can be integrated into a backpack so that people do not need to use headphones while they are walking.

Take a look at the video on the glove (in English):

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