Give your Android Mobile a Turbocharging [Tip]

Your android phone will feel faster with these developer settings.

Android mobiles stores on advanced settings, which may cause your phone to work faster. They just coaxed up. tip of the day will screw speed up on transitions in the Android operating system and make the system work faster.

Today’s trick requires that you turn on developer-settings to on your phone. These options are tools which are intended for app developers but which can also be used by regular users.

It does not go beyond the warranty to turn them on. However, you must be careful not to change the settings in here, if you don’t know what they are doing on the phone
The menu is typically invisible in the settings diflucan (Android 4.2 or later), but can be effected by following these 3 steps.

  • Go under Settings
  • Press the ‘ On your device/phone’
  • Press 7 times on the version-number or build number

Developer settings are now available!

Get your phone to respond faster

Your Android mobile will work faster when animation speeds speeds up. You can now do this by modifying the values in the three fields of animation scale (the name may vary from unit to unit):

  • Animation scale for window
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator perpetuity scale

In these three fields change the speed to 0, 5 x. All animations and transitions will now last up to twice as fast.

To undo your changes, you can coil changes back by changing the speed back to 1.0 x.