Galaxy Yeah: Finally a Real Image and Discovered All Cover Displays Physical and Capacitive Buttons (Updated)

Update: Finally, it seems that this image is false. According to the blog Galaxys3blog this is a photomontage using a photo of the Galaxy Nexus.

Not even a day has passed since the images of the Galaxy SIII user manual leaked, and from them are fathered a render with a possible design end of the SIII Galaxy, and now we see how this rendering was not very wrong.

And is that after confirmation that there would be several versions with different processors and antennas according to region, from phoneArena have unveiled this image that shows what would be the final design of the Galaxy SIII. This image is consistent with these minor leaks of which I spoke, leaving finally see that take physical button like his predecessors.

This image, of dubious quality, not too far from others of better quality than we saw a few days ago, unlike that carries no exterior coating that has hidden it all this time. It also shows rounded edges as Intuit After the savannah that we saw a few days ago. We certainly see a terminal soft corners, much more similar to the Galaxy Nexus that his immediate predecessor Galaxy SII.

On the other hand Samsung Vice President Robert Yi, confirmed yesterday the denomination of this Next Galaxy as Galaxy SIII, anticipating that demand was being especially large: “ we are anticipating a very strong demand for the Galaxy SIII & #8221;. Meanwhile, you need less than a week to be presented in London on 3 may, do you think you this image?