Galaxy Mini SIII Appears in The Inventory of a Nordic Chain

These days they are somewhat scrambled with as much presentation of smartphone and both up and down rumor. So much rumor about the new Nexus and the recent presentation of the iPhone 5 may have left a little misplaced Samsung. Or maybe not, and it is that it may have prepared, as we have already seen, a presentation of something very small and very large at the same time.

It would be, as rumored by the blogosphere, a reduced version of the footballer Galaxy SIII, to be presented this same Thursday, October 11 at an event in Frankfurt, Germany. This smartphone come to enter, once and for all, in the sector of the ‘ small ’ format – a four inch – between current smartphones to compete directly with the iPhone 5.

In addition to the presentation, in which we have seen that it is with great probabildad of a terminal in which we would not very misguided with these assumptions there are, as always, some evidence that can give us some clue.

And is that this so-called Galaxy Mini SIII It has been seen in the inventory of a dealer in Norway, with the same name that you are talking about, with its two variants in white and metallic blue, for each of which there are two versions, which would give us the option of adding connectivity NFC.

These models, under the name GT-I8190, they are catalogued with the equivalent to prices that hover around the 416 EUR for the model with NFC and 431 EUR for the model without this type of connectivity. What is perhaps suspicious then, who’s going to pay more for less?

Whatever it is, and with a relatively moderate price – that can give a lot of war-, keep eyes open and wait and see what we have finally the guys at Samsung in his event on Thursday, since this type of information is never completely reliable. Do you think you?