Fuji film Instax SHARE SP-1 Review: Charming Vintage-Printer [Test]

1970s Polaroid images are dead but resurrected now in Fujifilm digital reincarnation.

The Millennium generation will remember enough not to images in the old days (before Facebook) was not shared. The ride went to a photo lab or slide projector and gathered in groups around the photos from the annual family trip to Lake Garda.

As a backlash on it was Polaroid-image to. Pictures are snapped and could be passed on-in the same moment. The pictures were expensive, small, blurry and the colors had Instagram-suit. But they were who here and now and then one can forgive a lot.

Polaroid is since the time kulsejlet, acquired and reincarnated as a cheap camera manufacturer. The iconic folding frame camera is now vintage and is found only in a few hipster-reserves. 

There is therefore a void as the Japanese Fuji film now will take over. First, in the form of Instax camera series which is basically an imitation of the Polaroid camera. But now also as Instax SHARE printer-a digital equivalent of a piece of ‘ 70s history.

Finish with vintage-look

As soon as the Instax packed up, there is nothing vintage about the experience. It is shiny white plastic holding the mechanics, and the tactile feel of 1970s indestructible cult cameras is long forgotten.

In my eyes, hitting Fujifilm beside here. The premise that timeless, share friendly camera, acting well also to bypass today’s ‘ throw-væk’-thought and saw rows of generic design and plastic does not. It also tarnishes the printer do not use rechargeable batteries, but instead must use 2 animal CR2 batteries.

Only nostalgic flashback occurred during extraction process of the film. It is a cassette with 10 photos, entangled in Fuji-green cardboard and cellophane. The cassette, crammed up in the back of Instax film and Waleed on space. The printer allows himself to in fact be fooled if you open the tailgate before every shot is exhausted, the count down from 10 again although there are fewer shots back into the cassette.

Flashbacken stops there, because LEDs flares up and marks now how many shots have in themselves. 3 other Instax LEDs shows how much juice is left in the battery.


Scamp Setup and nostalgic sensations

Instax Share firing up but must be paired with your phone before printed, it takes place via Fujis own Instax SHARE app which you can take pictures or select photos for printing in the phone memory or from Facebook and Instagram.

SHARE app offers basic filters and editing functions. Who can påklistres a number of predefined texts and graphics as ‘ Happy Birthday ‘ or ‘ Party ‘ and other congratulations in the major. It’s all done smartly and quickly. And now the picture is ready for printing.

Print entire ritual takes just a few seconds and then the picture is otherwise clear. The image itself is, however, flatly.

The printed photos are as printed on real photo paper. It is thick, durable, water resistant and so it feels like defunct Polaroid images. And just like the original must wait one minute before the image tones.

Actual images are the size of a credit card, and thus slightly less than Polaroid originals. It works on the other hand, as a material that will grow old with grace — even a long time after that the NAS, Facebook or Instagram has gone away and home.

Colors and contrast is also reminiscent of the ‘ 70s, with their nostalgic lack of color and contrast.

Unoderne, however, is quickly forgotten, because it’s fun, and it’s a party that could give a print for boyfriend, kammesjukken or his colleague. Here and now.

Lumbering but seductive

Fuji tries to hit a nostalgic nerve, but frames Askew with the bland design. That it even is clunky, heavy and expensive in operation benefit nor ejerglæden. It is especially the printer’s physical appearance that pull down.

The whole ritual around instant images appeals to the vintage-fans. Why shoot Fuji far past with the genderless plastic.

The indicative price at 1299.0-are in the high end of what is basically just a gadget. A package of 10 photos costs 89.0-crowns and makes the animals in the operation.

But, but, the instant-picture has undeniably a charm and easy life of the focal point. The images are still small and blurry, but just like with Polaroid-the original one can forgive a lot, because the pictures are here and now.

Fuji film instax SHARE SP-1 will therefore 4 out of 6 possible stars.



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