For Lack of Gloves at the Morgue

Broadcaster of 65 years died run over crossing the street of Cuiabá.
Politec-MT said he bought the equipment.

Broadcaster Ademir’s family of 65 years, killed by hit and run this weekend in Cuiabá, had to wait nearly 12 hours for that body to be released from the Forensic Medicine Institute of the capital. The reason was the lack of a pair of gloves to do the autopsy examination. The situation was only resolved after a public hospital in the capital made a donation of mittens for IML.

Politec (Official Technical Expertise) said it bought a batch of gloves to the IML of Cuiabá, but should arrive next week.

The gloves are different from those used in surgery, explains the autopsy technician Jurandir de Oliveira, who has 21 years of experience in the field.

“The glove that we use, own, she comes to more or less that part here [showing the forearm] is a little thicker, thick, and the US uses two gloves for each procedure, has to borrow to perform the service otherwise would be the body to when get in the afternoon, “he said.

The death occurred on Saturday, when the broadcaster tried to cross, out of range, Avenida Miguel Subtle, in the capital. The body went to the MORGUE on Saturday afternoon, but was only released in the early hours of Sunday.

“Is to make the family suffer twice, three times. This is the greatest disrespect. Waiting, anguish, not knowing the time that can release, to do the service, notify family, friends. This is the greatest disrespect. It is unacceptable that we have to choose with it, “said Odair dos Reis Silva, brother of the victim.


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