First-Time Camper-by William Garcia

After I convinced him that camp would not be so terrible, I had to convince my wife. To convince her, used the argument that a camp would be a great fun for my son Lucas, who is in love with nature.
After all decided and excited, we had to define the place.Camping where?
To this day I don’t know the reason of not having used the internet to search for a place to camp. Was a friend of the family who works with tourism who suggested and indicated a camping in Trinity. She had already encamped in Trinidad and said the place was paradise. Ready! We already had the place, Trinity.
Now the tent. Have an acquaintance who worked in a famous company of nautical products and ask that she indicated a location to buy a tent, but she suggested:
-Is the first camp. And if you don’t like the experience? Will do what with the tent? I have a tent for six young people, I lend it to you and if you like the experience of camping, after you buy a tent for you.
Ready! We already had the place and a tent.
December 27, 2012. The day has come. HU EEW!
I got the stuff in the car and go to Trinity, I, my wife and my son.
Arriving at Ubatuba, the landscape is beginning to be exuberant.That day, the Sun was wonderful, the day was beautiful.
We arrived at the camping around 10:00 in the morning. The gentleman who entertained us was extremely nice.
The camping itself didn’t seem to have anything to do with what we had imagined, but the beauty of nature around was magnificent.
The camping was an area equivalent to one block, all lawn and with several trees. Had four bathrooms very simple and a covered area that functioned as the kitchen and that looked more like a shack Thai hit by a tsunami. As we wanted to not eat in the camping, we didn’t give a lot of importance.
Until then everything was as planned, although the camping not be what I imagined.
I parked the car and the time has come to set up the tent. There the thing started to get complicated a bit.
We start to assemble the tent around 11:00 – the Sun was over our heads. Was 42 degrees and the wind-chill factor was 48.Just to take the stuff out of the car to the location where you would get the tent, I lost about two liters of sweat and drank two liters of Cola. The heat was unbearable.
It was the first time I put up a tent and actually has no secret, or better, it does! I’ll talk him up ahead.
For the first time, we set up everything so fast, and so we broke up we went to the beach.
We went to the village center of Trinity, which at moments looked like the alleys of the slums of Sao Paulo. The people smoke pot in the same proportion as the Gauchos drink mate, but no violence or hostile attitude. All world of good!
We spend all of our time in the water, because it was virtually impossible to get out of it.
When the Sun started to set, we went back to our tent. We were anxious to spend our first night sleeping in a tent.
When we returned to the camping, a group with three young couples had mounted a well in front of our tent, but everyone seemed to be good people.
At 9:00 pm, the temperature was already more enjoyable and we were already inside the tent for an unforgettable night of sleep. Unforgettable!
At 10:00 pm, camping lights were off, the pitch was complete. I found a bit odd, because I thought we would be able to observe the starry sky, but soon understood why don’t enxergávamos the stars. At midnight on the dot, Thunder ripped the silence and the darkness, plucking a Bough of a tree a few metres from our tent. The shock was great! But the worst was yet to come.
The first night in the tent is strange, it has the sound of the wind in the trees, the sounds of night birds and, in particular, camping had the noise of the sea, which at this point was already.
Well, soon began to fall the first raindrops, but in a matter of minutes what happened was something known as a waterspout.
The Thunder and lightning happen at intervals of seconds of each other, the wind was strong and would rip the branches of trees.The sound of the ocean beating on the rocks is something I can’t describe.
The people who was in the tent in front of Our went, it seemed that each went to one side.
Remember the little secret in time to assemble the tent? I’m going to talk about him now.
On the roof of the tent, right at the top, there is a similar tape with a shoelace that serves to tie the sticks that cross on the roof of the tent. I didn’t give a damn about this tape, I thought it was cool, except that at the time of the wind that little sloppy cost dearly.
The wind began to dismantle the tent and started taking in water on every side.
I knew we were in danger due to the amount of lightning, and the safest place for us to cover was inside the car. Just to get to the car, we had to cross the entire length of the camping, which was a land full of slope, full of holes, trees, thorny plants, power lines, was totally in the dark, and we couldn’t find the car keys, because the tent was dismantled.
We had no option. We stay on top of the plastic mattresses because we thought he could be an insulator against a possible electric shock, but to this day I’m not sure about that.
The storm lasted until the 2:00 in the morning. After everything calmed down, we get the wreckage of the tent and find the blessed car key.
By 6:00 the morning is that we miss the Group of young people.Where they would have gone?
Ill just ask for them to my wife, and saw the bathroom door open. And inside out they, girls crying, the boys making jokes, but they look scared. The six spent the night inside the bathroom.
The camping’s owner told us that in 30 years had never rained like that, and worse, said that behind the camping there is a waterfall and a Creek and that he feared for a flood that could haul everything from camping to the sea.
We’ve disarmed all our tents and we left.
Because of rain, 30 people died due to landslides in the region of Angra dos Reis and Paraty-RJ.
The fear was too great and I thought never would we go camping, but a month after that terrible experience at Trinity we already got our tent, and our second camp was in the friendly city of Joanópolis-SP, the werewolf, more specifically in Cachoeira dos Pretos.