Fire Phone From Amazon in Germany Available

The available until now only in the USA fire phone from Amazon will be sold soon in Germany.

Long expected, was the Smartphone from the online retailer, has been but then due to lack of availability here in Germany a little forgotten. But also in the United States the Smartphone is not really arrived until now.

The fire phone can not convince with the latest hardware, but with interesting features and a software solution, how one has never seen them at other manufacturers.

A Smartphone to the panning and tilting

Amazon has built many different functions in the Fire Phone , which can greatly enhance the user experience. Instead of a pure Android to set, Amazon turns the software very much. That one uses an Android Smartphone, you actually do not really notice.

The main screen is the display of common apps use marked. These relatively large displays in the upper half of the screen. These include information about the app such as last photos or the weather. The list of all apps will be shown with a wiper upwards. A wiper opens the quick settings to the bottom of the main screen.

The fire phone understands gestures

By using 4 cameras on the front, which the user watching a 3D screen is faked. When tipping of the Smartphone, the background moves differently as the icons in the foreground. So a pretty good illusion occurs. This feature has yet another advantage. With gestures you can perform certain actions. With a quick tilt to the left, a menu, similar to Google now, will be shown. A tilt in the other direction causes the opening of a list of all media.

The motion control can be used also in other apps. You can watch app from all angles to such buildings in the cards.

Hardware of the fire phone

As already mentioned, the Smartphone from Amazon is not the latest and best hardware. The installed technology enough but in any case to allow a fluid user experience.

The front is decorated with a 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. A Snapdragon 800 brings coupled with 2 GB memory, enough power to the device. A 13 megapixel main camera is on the back. The camera on the front takes photos with 2.1 mega pixels. In addition, still 4 more cameras are installed on the front watching the face of the user, allowing thus the 3D effect and the gesture control.

The Smartphone is 139.2 x 66.5 x 8.9 mm and weighs 160 g. The housing is very minimalist but quality isn’t bad. The front and back are made of glass. The frame is slightly rounded and can therefore include itself. The internal memory is either 32 or 64 gigabytes. The battery measures 2,400 mAh.

Amazon Smartphone for Amazon-lot-buyers

A special feature of the fire phones is the Firefly feature. Objects can be scanning camera. These are then very reliably detected and can buy directly from Amazon. This works not only for CD covers, but even for food and many other items. Music can be, as in SHAZAM, scan and buy after.

Amazon services locks out many Google, also the play store themselves. This can I downloaded apps on Amazon’s app store. Who uses Amazon’s services, such as instant video or Kindle, accessible via the Smartphone directly on all content.


The Smartphone from Amazon is a solid Smartphone with lots of extra features. Sure that the hardware is not up to date, the Smartphone costs relatively much. At Telekom, it is offered only on a contract. The fire phone may be interesting for people who use many Amazon services and buy a lot online.

The Smartphone can now be vorsbestellen. End of September, the devices should be sent.