Filtered The Official Image of The 5 Nexus White

At this rate, when you present the new Nexus 5 little more we will have to know. Today added to numerous leaks that we have read so far are two official pictures published by @evleaks. On the one hand, the of the White model (which, actually, it is black in the front and white only back). During the day yesterday also appeared in the same channel the black model, which you can see below.

The big question now is When it will be released the Nexus 5. Everyone was assumed that it would be over this week that starts tomorrow, but for now Google does not seem to having summoned the press to make the announcement. @evleaks, in your tweet, mentions on November 1 but gives no more details. It will appear in Google Play that day, without official presentation before? Or is the day chosen by Google to present it officially? For now, we do not simply have no idea.

A few days ago, the terminal appeared, allegedly by mistake, in the American Google Play but disappeared almost immediately. Is the price? 349 dollars. We will have to wait to see if this will be the final price, and everything seems to indicate that the launch should occur over the next few days.