Fashion Bracelets Trends this Year:Tips, Pictures, Models

The 2016 jewelry bring little new thing in fact. The maxi, long necklaces continue earrings to highlight the cólo and the bracelets we see few new features too. However, what is new comes with enormous prominence compared to other years as the great appreciation for craftsmanship. Handmade pieces are super high, serving as inspiration to for those who want to start your little confection. And what else is out there? Check out the following.Fashion Bracelets Trends this YearTips, Pictures, Models 1

For the first time in a long time fashion doesn’t seem to enjoy much the dazzling gold. But unlike previous years are not aged to win featured metals such as copper and old gold, but silver. Maxi micro silver metal bracelets or of different types must be your big bet for the 2016 accessories fashion, especially the models that alternating gloss and matte. Matte metals are gaining space in the coming months and should appear much on jewelry.

And as bracelets ask stones and rocks hang fashion colors, Valley report that exaggerated color visible in previous collections stand out for the next few months. The fashion now is monochrome bracelet. The crystal clear tones are the best ones, but worth the colorful too. A cool tip is the double black and white in the same bracelet, a simple charm to get.

Item’s size, while fatter better. The maxi bracelets are with everything. Can cover the wrist all or part of it, but cartoon are out. An option are several bracelets to thicken the same arm, fashion style 90 years and may be slightly different but similar in styles to keep the visual harmony

The mix of material also is on the rise in a same biju. Colorful nylon cord straps are the latest trend, but nothing like mixing with the metallized finishes for a certain charm in the play. Worth a little of each piece that has been mounting in recent years as fashion beads, metal zips, coloured stones, amulets, among others. Can come all together in a same piece in a beautiful cultural merge or just some elements.

And speaking of merge styles … you know those bracelets that look more like a work of art? Still on the scene. The proposal is to migrate the architectural style of art to jewelry and jewelry and been doing quite successfully. It takes a while to get used to bracelets with designs of nails, some right apparently tipped sharp squares that look like a blaze of metal folded in half, but it’s the new style on stage both for use day or night. And believe me: they are simple parts, sometimes with two elements and of huge success in visual.

Cool natural stones between the 2016 bracelets

In recent years we can live with pleasure the real ‘boom’ of the natural stones in semi jewelry. This trend must be for at least another two years and already have complete collections in the shops waiting for eager buyers. Are bracelets with colored beads alternating with natural stones in tips on pendants or just natural stones side by side. The dude in this fashion is that any natural stone is actually equal to another. Small details of Court make each stone only, that is, a joke will never be the same.

The shapes of the natural stones appear in the bracelets are the most diverse, can be more than a pendant type in a same model following the trend of merging or the same color different types of natural stones. One of the colors of the moment is blue so much in natural stone as art, plastic earrings, bracelets and rings. And speaking of rings one more tip: invest in Indian style, all with everything!Fashion Bracelets Trends this YearTips, Pictures, Models 2

Trends among designers for 2016 bracelets

Looking for lucky charms for there? Maybe the inspiration of the Parisian Jewelers make your heart flutter. The new appreciation of great jewelry designers that is already migrating to the dear bijoux are the talismans, jewelry evoking the luck according to Eastern culture. There are models for both the Paste as for bracelets with four-leaf clover pendants, Indian mandalas, an attempt to resume the taste of young people for costume jewelry. The pioneers were the fashion houses Chanel and De Beers, but many must follow on the same line in a mixed of colors in the stones to rock in visual.

Maxi bracelets are also the highlight of the big brands to migrate in the bijoux shops. Are models with large stones and simple in detail, as shown by the collection of creative Alexandre Herchcovitch with rocks and stones and extremely solitary worked on the sides, with so many cuts that look like an error. Is a more stripped down and young that presents itself as a tendency for the next year.Fashion Bracelets Trends this YearTips, Pictures, Models 3